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We would like to share our excitement, enthusiasm and passion for coffee, espresso, food & drink with you. Our attention to detail, exceptional customer service and focus on local sourcing has made the Smiling Goat the one of the premier espresso bar / café destinations in Atlantic Canada.

We’ve put together some information about us, our coffees, food menu & drinks and how they come together. Explore the site and if you have any questions, please send us a message … or, even better, drop by one of our locations to talk in person.

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Smiling Goat Organic Espresso bar was originally opened on South Park Street in August of 2007. Our focus has always been serving exceptional coffee with outstanding customer service. The Smiling Goat has grown to become one of the premier coffee & espresso locations in Atlantic Canada.

The first location is ideally situated right across from the Halifax Public gardens, immediately beside the Lord Nelson Hotel and very close to busy Spring Garden Road.

We are proud to announce our third location at Spring Garden. This prestigious area is a perfect fit for the Smiling Goat brand and we are very excited to take our place amongst the other remarkable establishments.

Our Main location is at the Bishop’s Landing, located at the lower water, and is the busiest of them all.


Our name is based on the origins of the magical bean!

Legend has it that a young Ethiopian goat-herder named Khaldi drifted off to sleep one bright sunny day. When he awoke sometime later, his goats were nowhere in sight. Slightly concerned, he set off hurriedly up the Ethiopian mountainside to find them.

Imagine his surprise when he finally found them much higher on the mountainside than he had ever been. They were up on their hind legs dancing around with huge smiles on their faces. As he watched, he noticed that every once in a while one or two of the goats would take a break from their grinning gambol and eat some of the bright red fruit on the small trees nearby.


Khaldi, obviously curious about his goats behaviour and definitely hungry after his search, decided to join the goats and feast upon the bright red fruit.

A little while later a monk, taking a break from his duties at the local monastery, wandered by and discovered the smiling shindig. Not quite believing his eyes, the monk took Khaldi aside to extract an explanation for the smiling and dancing goats.

After sampling them and experiencing the same rush of energy, they deduced that it must be the red fruit – which we now know as coffee cherries. The monk and Khaldi then gathered the cherries and returned to the monastery where they experimented with roasting and brewing the pits – coffee beans.

From that time on, the grinning monks never again fell asleep at prayer and Khaldi, with big smile on his face and a spring in his step, never again lost his Smiling Goats.

For a more detailed, and perhaps slightly less embellished history of coffee 😉 please visit Wikipedia.


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Comments or questions are welcome.

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