Trifecta – Total Immersion/Air Injection

We love this machine! Using a portafilter similar to an espresso machine, the Trifecta is a total saturation brewer that allows us to control an amazing number of brewing variables. It brews coffee using precisely temperature controlled water and then injects/bubbles air through it as it’s brewing. This leads to a relatively quick brewing time with nice definition of flavour notes.  Drop by to see what coffees we are showcasing!

Bishop’s Landing only.

The drinks brewed on trifecta are:

Kenya – Ichuga – Medium Roast
This coffee is a full smooth-bodied coffee with hints of black current, fragrant, and vanilla. It has a silky feel, and must be tried to be appreciated. Delicious!


Mexico – Chiapas – Medium RoastThis coffee is bright with a smooth and almost creamy body, showing delicate hints of chocolate & caramel.


Costa Rica – EI Higueron – Medium Roast
A silky smooth body with lush flavors. This coffee has fresh and fruity sweetness up front, and rich toffee and milk chocolate notes which round out the long finish.


Sumatra – Gayo – Full city Dark Roast
A traditional rich, syrupy bodied coffee, with a strong earthy, smokey flavour in the cup with notes of cedar & cherry. It with a lovely sweet aroma and a long yummy finish.

Ethiopia – Guji Special – City Dark Roast

This coffee is extremely smooth with a lovely silky mouth feel and medium body. Dominant notes of chocolate and berry fruit with a caramel apple sweetness. Looks for hints of lemon & apricot as the cup cools.