A samosa, samoosa or sambusa is a fried or baked dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni or noodles. Pine nuts can also be added.

Trifecta – Total Immersion/Air Injection

We love this machine! Using a portafilter similar to an espresso machine, the Trifecta is a total saturation brewer that allows us to control an amazing number of brewing variables. It brews coffee using precisely temperature controlled water and then injects/bubbles air through it as it’s brewing. This leads to a relatively quick brewing time with nice definition of flavour notes. Drop by to see what coffees we are showcasing! 
Bishop’s Landing only. 

The drinks brewed on trifecta are: 

Kenya – Ichuga – Medium Roast
Mexico – Chiapas – Medium Roast
Costa Rica – EI Higueron – Medium Roast
Sumatra – Gayo – Full city Dark Roast
Ethiopia – Guji Special – City Dark Roast


We are very big fans of the ‘Local’ movement and source all of our delicious food and supplies from local vendors. 
*** We are now creating our own baked goods, treats, sandwiches (panini’s), soups, salads and other delicious offerings in our own kitchen at our Bishop’s Landing location. We still use Staff of Life and Bandha Bars for additional baked goods, Bread Lounge for pastries, Izzys Bagels for our bagels and Downtown East for Chocolate covered expresso beans.


A rich expresso with a prominent dark cherry note, and an incredibly full and juicy body. The slight hint of milk chocolate sweetness gives this coffee a decadent finish.Our Fair Trade/Organic house espresso from Java Blend Coffee Roasters is velvety smooth, smokey and sweet with definite chocolate, brown sugar and cherry notes. Our Decaf espresso is a Fair Trade/Organic dark roasted Sumatran that has been Water Processed to remove the caffeine. It is always freshly ground for your drink and has a rich, full bodied smokey nuttiness with just a hint of brightness. You’ll love it if you taste it and do check in at our stores on a regular basis, as we are keep on adding new products to our menu. 

Some of them are: 

Sumatra Decaf – Swiss water Process
Fog City – Smiling Goat House Blend
Pavilion – Signature Expresso


We’re very excited to be able to offer an incredible selection of Local Draught Beer, Local Bottled Beer, Local Cider and a delicious selection of wines! We’re serving Local Cider from Bulwark Traditional Craft Ciderand have at least one delicious Red & White wine available.